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  • Dinan® High Performance Air-to-Water Intercoolers for BMW F01/F02 750i (N63TU)

Dinan® High Performance Air-to-Water Intercoolers for BMW F01/F02 750i (N63TU)

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    Special Note: Requires slight Modification of engine cover to accommodate larger intercoolers. 

    More power, great looks, more consistent performance and no downside by upgrading to the Dinan High Performance Intercoolers for the N63TU V8. Heat is the enemy of horsepower, beat it by replacing the air-to-water intercoolers with larger units from Dinan to reduce the charge air temperature. Add an impressive 23 horsepower and 15 lb-ft of torque when used with the DINANTRONICS™ Performance Tuner and exhaust. This additional cooling is even more important in hot climates where the inherent power loss is much higher.

    The two intercoolers are beautiful and purposeful looking, wrapped in black powder coat and laser engraved with the Dinan® logo.

    Benefits of Dinan's High Performance Air-to-Water Intercoolers:

    + Replaces factory air-to-water intercoolers with 23% larger units.
    + Black powder coated and laser engraved intercoolers.
    + Includes silicone hoses, coolant lines, mounting brackets and hardware.
    + Maximum gain of +23 hp and +15 ft-lbs (when used together with the DINANTRONICS™ Stage 3 Performance Tuner and exhaust)

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